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Tales of the Birdwatchers Vol4

1. Subject: Jacobin and Le Vailant's Cuckoo
2. Song: Wetter Weather
3. Subject: Fish Eagle
4. Song: Chuckle Chuckle
5. Subject: Green Wood Hoopoe
6. Song: What A Happy To do
7. Subject: Crested Barbet
8. Song: The Bushveld Alarm Clock
9. Subject: Emerald Spotted Wood Dove
10. Song: Esmarelda
11. Subject: Verreaux’s Giant Eagle Owl
12. Song: An Owl Called Verreaux



By popular demand from birders that have followed this series since volume 1, the producers proudly present this 4th Album. With all the bird calls available from their original suppliers, their strategy has been to cover as many commonly heard birds from as many habitats as possible.

Of course the calls selected have to have a certain rhythm, tempo and melody to allow the composer to craft his songs around those of the birds. The habits, characteristics and habitats also allow for stories to be woven into the songs which will help, especially children, to learn more.

The background sounds also from their original supplier create an interesting atmosphere for the narrator to capture the attention and imagination of the listeners.

On Volumes 1-4, twenty four songs have been created and facts about more than 30 birds have been researched and mentioned.

The producers, John and Teresa Edmond, have been “on the road” doing “live shows” showcasing their products covering other wildlife subjects which have been well received by wildlife enthusiasts and birding clubs.

Following their immortal “Tales of the Game Rangers” series, a compilation album of the songs only, “Songs of the African Bush” was released and continues to entertain listeners of all ages. For pure musical entertainment a similar compilation of this series is available entitled “Singin' with the Birds”

Till then, keep birding!

The Roan Antelope Music Team