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Songs Of The African Battlefields

Songs of the African Battlefields

Down through the centuries, Africa has attracted explorers, missionaries, settlers and soldiers. Born in Northern Rhodesia, the son of a pioneer, singer songwriter John Edmond has always been intrigued by the escapades and the spirit of those early pioneers; particularly the military ones. The first song he ever wrote was entitled "Shangani Patrol"; the story of Allan Wilson's heroic last stand against the Matabele at the Shangani river in Rhodesia. Coming from a Scottish family with a strong military heritage, John himself served with the Royal Rhodesia Regiment on the Congo border during the first unrest in that country and was involved in the Rhodesian bush war and on the Angola border with the South African forces and these stints inspired him to write more than 200 songs about experiences and happenings during those campaigns.

As a folk singer he has sung his songs live all around the world, appeared on TV and radio stations worldwide have aired his works. John has always had deep feelings and compassion about the tragedy and aftermath of war, resulting in trauma and casualties on both sides of the conflicts.

One day he stumbled upom a remote British war cemetary in South Africa and was touched by several graves marked "Unknown". This spurred him into writing his first Boer war song entitled "The Unknown Soldier" opening the door to further research and releasing a flood of dramatic sagas which he documented in song on an album called The Boer War in Song.

Further research led John further back in time to write songs from the time of the Cape frontiers wars, the Great Trek, The Zulu War, The first Boer War up to the second Boer War. On this album SOngs Of hte African Battlefields he has captured many interesting epic stories and has also honoured and documented the lives of great and colourful characters that contributed to and moulded the history of the sub-continent. In this work John Edmond has covered many aspects of that era which are now preserved in song.


1. The Cape Frontier
2, U Shaka The Warrior
3. The Big Green Wagon
4. The Blood RIver Miracle
5. Isandlwana
6. Rorke's Drift
7. When The Yojg Prince Imperial Died
8. Englishmen Up On Majuba
9. Spioen Kop
10. The Jewel Of India
11. The Pepper Tree
12. Don't Talk Too Loud