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Of Valour, Viscounts & Vengence

This fair should be very interesting with many stalls to visit, not to mention the war museum itself!

This new double C.D. commemorates the Rhodesian journey from September 1890 - 1980 and the Viscount disasters of 1978 and 1979. On this collection you can hear John's new powerful song "The Deafening Silence" together with a new version of 'You ain't no hero" PLUS the (live) cockpit recording (with script, commentary and booklet) of the Green Leader Raid on the terrorist base at Westlands farm in Zambia. This latter event has been written about in many books and is embodied on some primitive cassette tape recordings scattered around the world...

This is how the songs run:


1.  God's Country
2.  Sit Nomine Digna
3.  The Great White Tribe
4.  We Stand Alone
5.  Snakes and Snipers
6.  Warriors Bold
7.  Troopie Boy You Won
8.  Nobody Was There
9.  The Whenwe Song
10.  Where Do We Come From?
11.  Rhodesians of the World
12.  Down the River
13.  It Makes Me So Sad



1.  The Deafening Silence
2.  You Ain't No Hero
3.  Intro To Green Leader
4.  Approaching the Zambezi
5.  Crossing the Zambezi
6.  The Attack and Speech
7.  Mopping Up
8.  Going Home
9.  The Green Leader Theme
10.  Zimbabwe Ruins
11.  UDI State of Mind