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From the Pen of - John Edmond

Although the Roan Antelope Music catalogue contains 30 or more cd’s containing songs performed by John Edmond there are many more songs that have been hidden away in archives of record companies, embodied on old vinyl records and tucked away on tapes in the Roan Antelope store. There have been many enquiries about these recordings and with the help of archivists, John’s family and record specialist collectors like Dr. Andre Korkie together with the co-operation of the Gallo record company, these recordings have been re-mastered and prepared for release.

The first album to be released is one containing only John’s compositions and will be entitled "From the pen of – John Edmond". The tracks are varied showing John’s versatility and make good listening. Sleeve notes are written by Grant Edmond and synopses by John of how, when and why the songs were written are also included.

This is indeed a collector’s item containing 16 great songs of adventure, love, humour and patriotism in country, orchestral and pop styles.


1. Mama's Troubadour
2. Lady Bird
3. Lock me in your heart
4. It wasn’t my song she wanted
5. Love ain’t cricket
6. You don’t read me
7. Forward together
8. Flower or my morning
9. Apelila
10. On and on
11. You’re beautiful
12. Wind song
13. Buy a bond
14. The orange banner
15. Bossies
16. Louie the min dae train