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Following John Edmond's amazing 30 year recording success and 40 years as a travelling minstrel Zimsongs is undoubtedly his best album ever. This CD collection of 15 great tracks is a must for everyone who has visited lives or has lived in that wonderful land 'twixt Limpopo and Zambezi. The songs have been superbly produced by John's son Grant and cover every subject from white water rafting and houseboats to cricket rugby and African folklore. The tunes are sing-able danceable and offer a pure high-tech listening pleasure. If you have enjoyed any of John's past creations don't miss this beautifully presented top-quality CD.


1. Chia Lo Six Zimbabwe
2. The Great White Water
3. When Are You Coming Home
4. Nyami Nyami
5. Son Of A Dagga Boy
6. The Zim Rugby Party
7. The Bridge Of Steel
8. Rockin' On A Rollin' Houseboat

9. Tale Of A Hippo's Tail
10. Where Do The Elephants Go
11. Lucky Bean Lucy
12. Story In The Sand
13. Karanga Drums
14. Piccaninny Dreams
15. Angels On My Wingtips