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Warriors Of The World - Volume 1

The concept of WOW was kick-started by sons of Rhodesians serving in the British army who played Troopiesongs to their comrades. There was an immediate demand from many Brits. Demand spread to Australia and America among some Vietnam Vets and serving U.S. soldiers.

A British army major then went so far as to suggest a repertoire of songs that are not only Rhodie but identify with the universal soldier. 18 Songs were selected for Vol and Vol 2 is waiting in the wings.

It is amazing to think that young soldiers of today want these songs. After all nothing changes. Soldiers throughout the world identify with the same experiences of camaraderie fear humour hardship sacrifice valour and pride.


1. Flesh And Bone Soldier
2. Old Warrior
3. Goodbye Not Goodnight
4. Wheelchair Warrior
5. For You Bob
6. Roger Was A Mine Dog
7. Pick Yourself Up
8. Forgotten Soldier
9. Marching With The Diggers
10. When the leaf is on the tree.
11. Daisy
12. Sergeant Guy
13. Soldier