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Songs Of The African Bush

This CD has 24 songs extracted from tlaes of The Game Ranger Series. All songs based on African Folklore with a campfire feel.


1. Story In The Sand
2. Poor Little Unkolwane
3. Flick Of The Hippo's Tail
4. Ngulube Made The Wallow
5. The Spell Of Impisi
6. Ixoxo Crowned The King Of The Beasts
7. Where Do The Elephants Go?
8. Hadeda And Umpangwa
9. Inja The Dog
10. Old Thekwane
11. Klokwe And Kalulu
12. Chingwe's Hole
13. Tree Without A Name
14. Never Monkey Around With A Giraffe
15. The Wild Wild Melon
16. Zonke Tina
17. The Wise Old Eagle Owl
18. Oowe The Hyena
19. How Did The Leopard Get His Spots
20. The Croc Needs A Doc
21. The Jackal And The Eland
22. The Hare And The Duiker
23. The Mahobbahobba Tree
24. Balisa And The Bees