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Born in Africa

What a priviledge to have been born in Africa! To have grown up with her unsurpassed flora and fauna her unique peoples and cultures and to have been influenced by her rich musical heritage. Africa is indeed the cradle of mankind and from it's roots the base of all forms of popular music have grown. Some of the songs on this album are directed to great African composers that I have known and my compositions hopefully reflect part of my life in Africa. - John Edmond

For Rhodies Zimbos and Bokke in or out of Africa. You have to hear Drink the Zambezi Water Tigers in Africa and many more new hits plus some nostalgic tracks like The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Indeed Songs to Soak up Africa with. Brilliant Africana!


1. Born In Africa
2. A Zakka-Zee
3. Jambo Kilimanjaro
4. The Lion Sleeps Tonight Medley
5. Give My Love To Africa
6. West Of Zanzibar
7. Little Umfaan
8. Drink The Zembezi Water

9. Medowlands
10. Skokiaan
11. An African Love Song
12. Funga Safari
13. Matabele Guitar
14. Tigers In Africa
15. Where Have All the Eagles Gone?
16. Bush Christmas