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Aviation Songs

A special music CD for aviation enthusiasts. John Edmond sings 16 great songs about aviation. INCLUDED on the album are 10 songs written by John like Kunkuru eagle Checklist blues 43 Airschool Old bold pilots and Homesick angel. BY REQUEST Some of his standard aviation songs are also included like Green leader The gunship calypso Angels on my wingtips Wish I was a blue job and You ain't no hero. To add to this great collection are evergreen aviation hits like Snoopy vs the Red Baron Biplane evermore Leaving on a jet plane Come fly with me Early morning rain and the classic Coming in on a wing and a prayer!


  1. Kunkuru Eagle
  2. Checklist Blues
  3. Biplane Evermore
  4. 43 Air School
  5. Old Bold Pilots
  6. Early Morning Rain
  7. Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer
  8. Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
  9. Come Fly With Me
  10. Homesick Angel
  11. Leaving On A Jet Plane
  12. Green Leader
  13. The Gunship Calypso
  14. Angels on My Wingtips
  15. I Wish I Was A Blue Job
  16. You Ain't No Hero