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The Boer War in Song

After visits to battlefield sites, writing and months in recording studios, the CD is completed. “The Boer War In Song”. This CD is a must not only for military enthusiasts but for anyone who enjoys John’s special way of capturing the human side of epic happenings in words and music.

The subject of the Boer War is keenly followed by thousands of enthusiasts the world over like battlefield tourists, war graves commission people, collectors of militaria, historians, relatives of Boer War participants, museum curators and everyone interested in their heritage and this amazing part of history.


1. All the Pretty Flowers
(John Edmond)
2. Rag tag army
(John Edmond)
3. A Trooper’s Diary
(John Edmond)
4. British Tommy Atkins 
(John Edmond)
5. Johnny Boer 
(John Edmond)
6. The Hill at Magersfontein
(John Edmond)
7. The Siege at Elands River
(John Edmond)
8. Fearless
(John Edmond)
9. I will Lead Your Wagons
(John Edmond)


10. The Unknown Soldier
(John Edmond)
11. The Spirit of Breaker Morant
(John Edmond)
12. Blessed Angels
(John Edmond / Shelley Allan Edmond)
13. Shake Hands with De LA Rey
(John Edmond)
 14. What in the Hell was it for?
(John Edmond)
15. Run Away
(John Edmond)
16. I married me a Lady
(John Edmond)
17. Sarie Marais
(Septimus Winner /
Arranged & Translated by John Edmond)
18. We are good Friends now
(John Edmond / Shelley Allan Edmond)




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