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We’re Back- April 2021


Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,

With an item that’s not old, it’s not new, it’s not borrowed and neither is it blue! It’s our re-release of our “TROOPIESONGS DELUXE EDITION” The DOUBLE CD TROOPIESONGS PLUS DVD- All in (3 x Pack product)

Why? would you ask –well one definition of legacy is “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.” More simply put, it’s what we carry forward and because of all the requests we are carrying “TROOPIESONGS” forward.  It’s a legacy that has been handed down through generations, but the words, music and meaning of these songs are connecting with people and young lives around the world.

Many times the question is being asked; how come the songs are having such an impact still today 50 years on? – well truly because they were written about true life experiences, vulnerable young people, and soldiers experiencing, war, destruction, death and trauma. TROOPIESONGS were written and performed to uplift their spirits, to give them a sense of normality and to survive. Remember if you are an old trooper around today may it be from WW2, Angolan War, Bush war or Afghanistan, a soldier is a soldier and war is war- nothing different. If you are still here today... you are a survivor. But those who have made it through hell and back and still standing, are the true warriors.

JOHN EDMOND says “The greatest gift I received was to capture in words and music my life experiences – I have honoured this call and it became my passion and this passion has filtered through, far and wide to uplift and inspire others, young and old, hopefully for more generations to come.”


So even if you are not a soldier and just enjoying TROOPIESONGS for the uplifting, fun and wit in the story telling…. Always remember nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m POSSIBLE”.
“The Roan Team”