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Boer and Brit battlefield Heroes

Boer and Brit battlefield Heroes

It is with great pride and honour that we are releasing yet another new CD pertaining to our history; a third in the series.

The Oxford dictionary describes a hero as a person admired for their courage or achievements.

Wars have produced many heroes and heroines and the Anglo Boer wars are no exception. Men and women from both sides made their mark on history with their sacrifices, courage, passion, suffering, and pure strength of character.  Many of the stories of their resilience are well known and have been well documented while some are obscure and have been handed down from generation to generation.


1. Goodbye Dolly Gray.
2. Thorn Among The Roses.
3. Reverend Bailey.
4. Deep Compassion In The eyes.
5. Why Bully General Buller?
6. Pride Of The Fighting Boer.
7. Siener Van Rensburg.
8. Sitting In A Blockhouse.
9. Girl On Commando.
10. Billy Eagle The Brave.
11. Bittereinder.
12. Phantom Piper In The Sky.