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The Hidden Tracks of John Edmond

With the advent of the internet, e-mails, face book , micro-chips and gadgets the world has become a much smaller place and everyone seems “connected”!
We at Roan Antelope have received many requests for music of the past, songs that even ourselves had forgotten, but because of these numerous requests we have dusted our archive material and busied ourselves together with  music specialists like Dr. Andre Korkie and others to bring alive and revive some wonderful old hits and quality tracks, that, once you hear them will centainly ring a music note of remembrance...

                                            1. Maybe Tomorrow (Bush / Crossen) Black Music / Intersong ***
                                            2. Hold Me in Your Loving Arms ( T. Dempsey) Angela Music **
                                            3. Play Your Guitar (R. Baesen) Gallo Music **
                                            4. One Day He’ll Call Me Daddy (Kunze / Shuman) Gallo Music **
                                            5. Forgetting Just Ain’t Easy (E. Schroeder / Z Cronje) Silversongs *
                                            6. Boomer’s Theme (Wilson / Leonitt) Black Music/ Intersong *** 
                                            7. Lazy River (Vanda / Young) E.H. Morris *
                                            8. Forever Young (B. Dylan) *****
                                            9. Morning Glory (D. Fletcher / D. Flett) EMI Music *****
                                          10. Is It Love? (A. Dunlop) Map Music *
                                          11. It’s Good to See You. (A. Taylor) Gallo ****
                                          12. The End of the World (Dee / Kent) Chappell *
                                          13. Love Me to Sleep (E. Rabbitt) Warner Bros **
                                          14. Tomorrow (T. Dempsey) Angela Music *
                                          15. I Should Have Married You (Rabbitt / Stevens) Warner Bros **
                                          16. Thank You for Loving Me This Way (J. Mushet) Gallo Music **
                                          17. The Little World of Children (T. Dempsey) Angela Music *
                                          18. I Didn’t Want to Leave You Far Behind (Souer) Gallo Music **
                                          19. Hello Buddy Blakely/Hawkes) Breakaway Music *
                                          20. I Was Free to Go (Vorster/Alberts) Gallo Music *
                                          21. So Long Sarie (R. Trewhela) Gallo Music *
                                Produced by:                                  Credits:                                                               
                               * Terry Dempsey            Archive research: Dr Andre Korkie and Grant Edmond.
                             ** John Edmond               Remix and Equalization: Costa Nicholas.
                           *** Art Heatlie                   Master licences: Gallo Music, Roan Antelope Music.
                         **** Julian Laxton               Copyright licences NORM and SAMRO.
                       ***** Peter Vee                     Photography: Teresa Edmond.
                                                                       Sleeve design: Curtis Woodside.