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Wrex Tarr - The Cream Of Chilapalapa

Due to public demand Wrex Tarr's Chilapalapa collection has been re-released. This is the only legal Chilapalapa CD in the world and contains the whole collection.


1. Exodus
2. Harvard Mkiia
3. James Bondi
4. Yeno Lo Golf
5. Kiri kikit
6. Dear Aunty Jane
7. Samson And Delightful
8. Terrorists Lament
9. Red Riding Hood
10. The Astronauts

11. Irish Stew
12. Olympic Games
13. Jack & The Mielie Stalk
14. Casserole
15. King Of The Road
16. The One Legged Chicken
17. The Quiz Show
18. Cocky Robin
19. Macbeth
20. Lo Jet

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