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The Rhodesia Centenary Album 1980 - 1990

Rhodesia between the years 1890 - 1990) became known to many as God's Country and the warmth courage and integrity of her folk will never be forgotten by the decent people of the world. This album commemorates Rhodesia's birth and her life and is dedicated to all who lived for her died for her and supported her through the years.


1. Agysymban Trilogy
2. A Column Came A-Marching
3. With His Hands
4. Salome Jennifer And Me
5. Christmas In Rhodesia
6. Noah The Phantom Ranger
7. Ridgeback
8. Chayira
9. Matabele Guitar
10. Mashonaland Farewell

11. The U.D.I. Song
12. Look Across The River
13. Rhodesians Never Die
14. Shumba Drinkers
15. Sweet Banan
16. Green And White
17. Mukumburu
18. Peace Dream
19. The Great White Tribe
20. Voices of Rhodesia