Orders & Payment


Please note: Prices quoted are for orders in South Africa - for international orders postage, packaging, handling and insurance fees have been added.

Payment can be made via PayFast - the following methods of payment are accepted:







- Pricing include packaging, postage, value added tax (VAT) and insurance.
- Any faulty product will be replaced if returned.
- Although we try to keep our website a sup to date as possible, currency
fluctuations are beyond our control and prices any change without
prior notice.

Pricing is given in South African Rand for the following countries - pricing varies due to postage fees:

    Australian Dollars - AUS $ - AU (Rand)
    British Pounds - UK £ - UK (Rand)
    New Zealand Dollars - NZ $ - NZ (Rand)
    South African Rands - ZAR R - SA (Rand)
    United States of America - USA $ - US (Rand)


Copyright Notice
In terms of the bought outright agreement with TEAL / TRUTONE dated 09/08/1988, leasing agreements and whole ownership by creation, ROAN ANTELOPE ENTERPRISES control total copyright on all advertised products.  In terms of the International Copyright Law ANY unauthorised copying is prohibited and is a criminal offence. Copyright queries, in writing, can be directed to:
The Legal Advisor, Roan Antelope Enterprises, P O Box 85, Leeupoort, 0486.  RSA.


Privacy Policy
Roan Antelope Enterprises will keep all personal information you give us strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to third parties whatsoever, unless obliged to do so by law or legal process.  When you forward personal information including your name, e-mail address, mailing address and credit card details to us, we will protect such information from unauthorised access and use.

Roan Antelope Enterprises may send e-mail messages to subscribers with "News" and "Special Offers" and users may, by return mail, indicate whether they would prefer not to receive any such mail in future.


Special Notice
There have been renewed instances of people justifying the copying and distributing John's music illegally. Roan Antelope Music is a small family business that is funded mainly through the hard work of presenting concerts and live shows around South Africa and in those countries where there are large concentrations of former Rhodies. We also do a number of charity gigs each year. We are not a large recording house like SONY, EMI or BMG. The costs associated with producing a typical 14 track CD run in excess of R50 000 (US $ 10 000).

In addition to that, CD factories require a minimum pressing of between 300 and 500 copies of a CD. Roan Antelope Music has to cover all these costs and carry all the risks. In addition, We package and post our product via insured, registered airmail to the highest industry standards. This adds significantly to the final cost of a product delivered overseas. These are these sole reason why CDs bought outside of South Africa seem to be "expensive". Please note that every CD that is illegally copied undermines Roan Antelope Music. We are not in the business to exploit people, we are fully committed to bringing the public John's music at a price that is affordable.