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 Salute in Song... LEGENDS that shaped South Africa.   

The Red Hatband and the Red Beret
Who dares wins


Uncle Paul
Young Winston Churchill

Battlesongs of the Brave Boer and Briton

Troepliedjies RSA

Voortrekker Boys
The Whiskey Train
Louie die min dae trein

All Night Razzle
Aviation Songs
 Before Midnight
 Rock On (Jabalaya) 
 Checklist Blues
 Come Fly with Me

Born in Africa

Campfire Jamboree
 The Lion Sleeps Tonight   
 Give My Love to Africa
 Jambo Jamboree
 Campfire's Burning

Die Boere Oorlog in Lied

Friends, Rhodies, Countrymen
 Ons is Boere
cd_FriendsRhodiesCountry_lg.jpg  Rhode Cologne
 Zimbos are Rhodies

From the pen of John Edmond

 Mama's Troubador
 You're Beautiful
 Pamwe Chete
 When you say Zvakanaka

John Edmond By Request

Zim Songs
cd_ByRequest_lg.jpg  Toy Train
 Got my mind on the border
cd_zimsongs_lg.jpg  Chia Lo Six Zimbabwe


Songs of the African Bush
CDRTV.jpg  The Poacher's Lament
 Picacaninng Kia
Songs.jpg  Tree without a name
 The Mahobbahobba Tree

Tales of the Game Ranger Vol1

Tales of the Game Ranger Vol2
cd_ranger1_lg.jpg  The Hare & the Duiker
 Balissa & the Bees
cd_ranger2_lg.jpg  Tree without a name
 Wild wild melon

Tales of the Game Ranger Vol3

Tales of the Game Ranger Vol4
cd_ranger3_lg.jpg  Inja the dog
 Chingwe's hole
cd_ranger4_lg.jpg  Story in the sand
 Ixoxo crowned the King of the Beasts

Thats what I call country

Thats what I call a Love Song
ThatsCountry.jpg  Help me make it through the night
 You're my best friend
ALoveSong.jpg  Honey
 Something stupid

The Boer War in Song

The BSAP Centenary Album
Boer_War_Cover.jpg  British Tommy Atkins
 Johnny Boer
British.jpg  Kum-a-Kye
 The Regiment Lives on

The Circle of Life

The Hidden Tracks of John Edmond
Circle.jpg  It all goes round in a circle
 Chief Seattle
JohnEdmondHT.jpg  Maybe 
 Hold me in your arms

The Rhodesia Centenary Album

Warriors of the World

 Look across the river



Old Warrior
 Forgotten Soldier

Wild, beautiful & Free

Wrex Tarr 
cd_WildBeautifulFree_lg.jpg  Jock of the Bushveld
 Big Boy Blue
WrexTarr.jpg  James Bondi
 Lo Jet

All time Rhodesian Evergreens CD1

All time Rhodesian Evergreens CD2

 God's Country
 Rhodies Everywhere


 Rhodesians of the World
 Down the River

Of Valour and Viscounts CD1

Of Valour and Viscounts CD2
VVV1.jpg  God's Country
 Rhodesians of the World
VVV1.jpg  The Defeaning Silence
 Zimbabwe Ruins

Troopie Songs Complete CD1

Troopie Songs Complete CD2
TroopieSongsDCD.jpg  I wish I was a blue job
 Whistlin Troopie
TroopieSongsDCD.jpg  Sweet Banana
 Roger was a mine dog

Songs of the African Battlefields

Boer and Brit Battlefield Heroes
TroopieSongsDCD.jpg  Spioen Kop
 Blood River Miracle

 Goodbye Dolly Gray
 Girl on Commando




Battlesongs of the Brave Boer and Briton