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Dear Friends, Rhodies and Family.

We would like to thank each and every...If you can't see this message, view it in your browser

December 2019

John Edmond Newsletter

Encore... we’ll tell you more December 2019.


Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,

Dear Friends, Rhodies and Family.

We would like to thank each and every one of you scattered all over the world for your support in the form of Cd purchases, mails, calls and just the pure joy of staying in touch. John has had a bumper year with concerts and performances and we’re certainly not going to mention it all again. It has really been fantastic to touch sides with so many friends and Rhodies during many of these events. We also love hearing from so many of you from faraway places all around the world; what an honour and inspiration so keep the mails coming.

The festive time is upon us and soon everyone will be rushing for gifts and specialities for the Christmas season. Don’t forget in our music catalogue you will surely find something to suit the taste of everyone in the family; a great way to keep the festive spirit going is with music.

This year the Edmonds – “Three Generations” John, John Ross and Talia are wishing you joy and a wonderful festive season with our music video “It’s Christmas in South Africa” – so play it, sing it and enjoy.
From our hearts, we send you John’s poem “Live the Spirit of Christmas.” And give the free gift of LOVE.

It’s Christmas time again and Christmas fever’s here
With decorations, carols, Santa Claus and festive cheer.
These traditions bring great joy and sinking spirits lift,
They celebrate the coming of God’s almighty gift.
We often wonder what to give our loved ones on that day
To put beneath the Christmas tree all packed a special way
But God gave us his only Son sent from up above
That’s the finest gift of all, the precious gift of LOVE.
Live the spirit of Christmas each day that you live
Spread the Spirit of Christmas with goodwill that you give
To keep the spirit of Christmas with you in every way
The Lord ’s Prayer Jesus taught us, say it very day.
Now LOVE ‘S something you cannot touch, it’s something you can’t see
It’s something you can’t break, it has a lifetime guarantee.
It’s something that costs nothing, no T’s and C’s apply.
But in fact it’s priceless and it will never die.
So sing out peace and goodwill and celebrate the joy
But don’t forget the story of that special baby boy.
Don’t just wait for this time of year and the Christmas tide.
Keep the Lord’s example each day right be your side.
© Copyright Roan Antelope Music 2019


Have a blessed and safe time wherever you might be. Till we touch sides again in 2020.

Christmas greetings with tons of LOVE,
The Roan Antelope Team.