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October 2018 Encore ...


Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,

South Africa – The Rainbow Nation has just celebrated HERITAGE month (September). Heritage - be proud of it for you will be its legacy. It's your responsibility to carry on and learn your heritage. Otherwise, it will be lost.” ― Kailin Gown

Reflecting on that, we should all be proud of and celebrate our Heritage wherever we are. We would like to kick off thanking our great hosts Dalwyn and Sharon Mac Donald of Marloth Park – near Kruger Park, where we in true Rhodesian Style celebrated our heritage in the form of a “Memory Lane” concert with songs reflecting where we came from, on that note we had Rhodies all the way from Mauritania, Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Natal, Cape Town and many locals from the surround. John and Teresa would like to thank you all for your support and friendship, it was wonderful for them to have seen you all!

In one of Roan Antelope’s recent releases “Legends”, John Edmond celebrated in song the life and times and heritage of people from all countries and walks of life, to mention a few Chaka Zulu, warrior and Zulu legend, Mahatma Gandhi Indian human rights activist and politician, Winston Churchill journalist, soldier and Britain’s iconic wartime leader, Paul Kruger Boer leader and founder of Kruger Park and Nelson Mandela freedom fighter and first democratic president of South Africa and the list goes on. Each from a different culture and country but all contributing to a great heritage.

After recent changes in Zimbabwe, Roan Antelope Music has been flooded with e-mails from all over the world – mainly from young folk aged 15 years and upwards- all wanting to know more about the heritage of a place called Rhodesia, that does not show on a map or world atlas. They have stumbled across our music and are enthralled about the historical content and value.- fortunately, with social media, the world has become a smaller place and people can interact and learn from other cultures and heritages.


19-year-old Vincent from Germany wrote: “Your music is a look into the past and into the hope and pride of a nation”.

Seth from Idaho USA “Your songs do a terrific job of respecting the Rhodesian military and its history”

15-year old Alex from the UK: “Me and my friends have no relatives from South Africa but are fascinated by its rich history. Hoping this message will give you a fraction of joy your songs have given us”

Daniel from the USA:It’s some of the most heartfelt music that’s been written and sung I’ve ever heard. Could you tell me more about life in Rhodesia?”

15year old Yorck, Austrian in Australia: “I browsed more and found more songs about Rhodesia, the Boer War and the Zulus. I’ve introduced your songs to friends in India, Serbia and Greece”.

Barbara from South Africa; My children grew up with: "Tales of The Game Rangers, are 32 and 35 and still love them, Barbara sent our African Cds to friends in the USA, Australia and UK.(thanks Barbara)!

Walter (young American);” I’m planning to read the works of the Great Ian Smith, Absolutely love your music!”

Joseph from Nebraska USA; “I am a big fan of your music! I have to give respect to the brave people of Rhodesia and South Africa. The brave Rhodesian African Rifles and the RLI held out!

Kurt from the Canadian Army: “We would like to thank you personally and encourage you to continue with your music, one of us is Chinese and another is half South American..”

32-year-old Mark from the USA: “It’s great to hear the songs from the perspective of one who lived through such an iconic time of African History”.

26-year-old Lorenzo high school teacher from Italy: "One of the most interesting and genuine pieces of English – African cultural heritage that I have come across are your songs”

We trust you all had a super duper exciting, fun-filled September and heritage month! Be proud of where you came from!
We at Roan Antelope Music are honoured to have contributed to the proud culture and heritage of our great Southern African Region.

Remember it does not stop at the end of September join us for more memories at our UDI/Armistice Day concert in November in POLOKWANE. See website for more information www.johnedmond.co.za

Yours in the power of Music.
The Roan team.

UDI Concert

UDI Concert

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