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Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,
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ENCORE, we’ll tell you more… February 2019


Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,

Dear Friends, Rhodies and Countrymen,
Roan Antelope music starts 2019 with a real big bang in the form of a new CD release “SONGS OF KRUGER PARK”. These songs are a wonderful collection by South Africa’s foremost folk song writer JOHN EDMOND and will be a welcome addition to everyone who loves the Kruger National Park and who also loves music. As summed up by Dr. Ian Whyte (Senior Research Scientist: Kruger National Park: 1970 – 2007).

The Kruger National Park, with its long history and immense popularity, has become part of the soul of the South African nation. It has a huge and dedicated following of people who cannot get enough of this world-famous sanctuary. There has been a plethora of books and articles written about it – scientific, historical and popular - which ‘Krugerphiles’ avidly collect and absorb. But surprisingly, it has received almost no attention in our musical heritage.

Not until now that is. This vacuum was recognized by John Edmond, and some of the wonderful stories from the past have been captured in these songs which he has written to partially address this deficiency. There are many conservation heroes that have graced the pages of history in the Park and there are also many romantic places and some of these have been illuminated in his musical spotlight in this wonderful collection of ballads.

A few of the songs look at the pre-history in the days before the Park was proclaimed, when it was still just a wild tract of bushveld. ‘The old Voortrekker Road’ reminds us of the many adventures and travails experienced by the early pioneers – the ill-fated van Rensburgs who were massacred in Mozambique, and the Trichardts who were almost wiped out by malaria, in their respective quests to establish connections with an east coast harbour. Later, another Voortrekker wagon road linked the goldfields and Delagoa Bay and the much loved dog ‘Jock of the Bushveld’, who travelled this route many times with his wagoneer owner, is given a new lease of life in a wonderful song reflecting on his story.

The legendary ‘Crooks’ Corner’ and the many colourful characters who lived there are also celebrated. At this remote spot at the junction of three countries, a few dodgy characters who lived there were able to avoid capture by slipping over the border into a neighbouring country when the long arm of the law reached out to arrest them.

The birth of the Park, proclaimed by President Paul Kruger (‘Uncle Paul’), and nurtured through its formative years (‘James Stevenson-Hamilton’) is highlighted by special songs acknowledging these two heroes.
John has taken a musical and wistful look at origins of the names of some of the special places in Kruger in ‘Paradise names on the breeze’.
The legendary long-serving ranger Harry Wolhuter, who survived a lion attack by killing it with his sheath knife, receives well deserved attention in ‘Harry with the lion heart’.

Other songs highlight some of the wonderful animals who call the Kruger Park home, particularly the big five (elephant buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard), and the little five (the song reveals who they are). John has also dedicated two songs to the beautiful leopard and the wily crocodile.

The final song, ‘Love is a walk in the Park’, reflects a little on what Kruger means to so many people.
John and Teresa travelled many times to KNP to do research for this album, which paid off as it just flowed from John’s pen. We trust you will also delight the words and music John Edmond wrote on one of the world’s most renown reserves, it’s history, animals and characters.

The Roan team have received very good reviews and accolades on this new release “SONGS OF KRUGER PARK” from other well-known authorities in their field. So don’t wait get your sing-a-long copy of this fantastic work of art today!


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