The Best of John Edmond Feedback - 1st October 2016

Firstly a huge big thank you to John and Sue Ross of Howick and their committee (BSAP) for organising the show and getting it all going. Thanks also for the fantastic accommodation and meals! If anyone is ever looking for accommodation in Howick “The Midlands Meander”  082 4510362 is the place to stay, friendly,  conveniently off the highway and central for Durban, The Berg etc.

 John Ross mentioned to us that there were some folks that were in dire straits and with the John Edmond concert they were raising some extra funds to assist.  Thank you to each and every Rhodie that attended came and shook our hands, said a hello, sang a song, shared a memory and just for being there.

Without you all the Rhodie spirit and flame will die. From John and Teresa a big thank you for your support, till next time, Zvakanaka.